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I spend all of my time, trying to make money without spending any time making money. It’s a bit silly if you think about it. I don’t like to work so, I’ve started to look for new ways to remix things I already know.


I’m a notorious domain squatter from the dot com era. The vast majority of my personal worth is domain value. It works for me, once an a while it makes money. This last week I purchased ten domains as part of a hybrid keyword siloing and domain flipping campaign.


The first of the sites I’ve developed is Inc Casino.

Inc Casino is a shameless exercise in worshiping the gambling, betting and casino vertical. I’ve broken it down into sections dedicated to the long tail keywords that people are actually searching for. Then I’ve built a number of dynamic top list pages which funnel people to affiliate programs that provide the services related to the long tail keywords

There are pages dedicated to the best online slots, real money games, Bitcoin and altcoin casinos, and online sports betting. If you’re feeling lucky, I encourage you to check out the page dedicated to the best casino welcome bonuses. A lot of the casinos I reference will double your first deposit or more.


Making money off of online betting is more than just researching the right keywords, buying the right domain, building a site that’s search engine friendly, and promoting it properly. The fastest way to make money from online gambling is to sign up for reliable affiliate programs. Here are a few of the best ones I have found.

  1. Advendor
  2. Alfaleads
  3. 7 Bit Partners
  4. Biz Starz


Of course, building a website takes time, and time is a very precious thing. You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by building a site that’s already established.  Inc Casino is an example of an easy out of the box solution to making money with the casino vertical. In fact I’ve designed it for you. You can buy IncCasino.com today for only $2000 USD if you mention this article. Included is traffic, domain, custom CMS and easy approval on all major casino affiliate programs. Take a leap into the casino vertical today with Inc Casino!

How To Collect Bitcoin Faucets Quickly

What is a Bitcoin Faucet?

A Bitcoin faucet is a way to earn free bitcoins for visiting websites. Users earn free bitcoin for signing up or signing in. These Bitcoin earning websites allow you to earn free Satoshi or to get free bitcoin for completing simple tasks. I know it’s hard to believe but these sites actually do hand out free cryptocurrency.

How does a Bitcoin Faucet Work?

In order to earn free Bitcoin, users are required to claim the faucet at a regular interval, for example, a site could be offering “free bitcoin every minute” or that you can “get 1 bitcoin free instantly”. Sure it’s possible, it’s a numbers game, but, the vast majority of free BTC sites only pay out a few Satoshis per claim. Good faucets are hard to come by. The faucet operator is paying for your attention and consequently, the vast majority of faucets are chocked with spam and advertising as faucet owners desperately try to make their money back.

What is the Fastest Way to Earn Bitcoin from Faucets?

It would be nice to earn free Bitcoins instantly. Unfortunately, since payouts are paid in Satoshi ( millionth parts of bitcion) and the rate at which you are allowed to collect any particular faucet is limited, a cryptocurrency faucet collector rapidly realizes that if they are going to get free bitcoin fast they are going to maintain a current list of the best free bitcoin sites to visit and they will have to visit those Satoshi earning sites as rapidly as possible. As faucet sites come and go on a daily basis, trying to score one free bitcoin could easily become a full-time job.

What is a Bitcoin Faucet Rotator?

A Bitcoin Faucet Rotator (often called a Bitcoin Crane) is is the most necessary thing for maximizing cryptocurrency income from bitcoin and altcoin faucets. The faucet crane is an aggregator for the best bitcoin paying sites, collecting the links, and making them accessible all on one page. The Bitcoin collector then visits each of the free Bitcoin earning sites and they earn instant Bitcoin. The only problem with this model is that it relies on the owner of the faucet rotator to maintain a list of only legit bitcoin earning sites, updating it constantly to contain not only popular faucets but to weed out malicious, broken, or empty faucets.

How is Metafaucet Different?

Metafaucet is a crowdsourced cryptocurrency faucet rotator. The faucets on our list are community submitted and subjected to both human and algorithmic scrutiny. As people collect from faucets they mark any malicious or broken faucets they find. This results in a list that contains only the best bitcoin sites and ways to earn bitcoin free online.

Rather than just making a bucket list of the top 10 bitcoin earning sites or a classic “free bitcoin sites legit” page, Metafaucet tracks the refresh times and payouts on all the different faucets and directs you to the faucet with the highest available payout at any given time.

How to Earn Bitcoin Daily with Metafaucet

  • Point your web browser to https://metafaucet.com
  • Click the “Collect Metafaucet” button.
  • Once the faucet has loaded in the background, close the Metafaucet modal, and collect the faucet.
  • If the faucet fails to load behind the modal, click the provided link to open the faucet in a new tab. (Some faucets object to the “sandboxing” we apply for security purposes and need to be opened this way).
  • Once you have collected the faucet, hit refresh to be taken to the next available faucet.
  • You will find yourself collecting some faucets more than others, this is normal.
  • If you discover a broken or malicious faucet, please report it with the link that appears on the modal that appears.

That’s it! I’m not holding my breath that anyone is going to earn 1 bitcoin per hour using Metafaucet. To be honest 1 free bitcoin per day from faucets is a thing of the past. You can, however, earn satoshi automatically just by clicking a few links, solving a few captchas, and hitting refresh. Happy collecting!

Six Easy Steps to Collect Free Bitcoin

Starting Simple

I’ve been dabbling in small cryptocurrency projects for a little while now and a number of my friends have reached out and expressed their interest in how to get started with cryptocurrency. This is a simple tutorial on how-to create and fund a wallet on a cryptocurrency exchange for free.

Step One – Create a Secure Email Account for Cryptocurrency

To begin with, if you have not done so already, create a new, secure, email address to connect your cryptocurrency accounts to. I like https://tutanota.com/ for this. Having a unique email address dedicated to crypto-projects will make it harder for people to compromise your account by linking it to your identity. Don’t post this email address anywhere and don’t share it.

Step Two – Create a New Exchange Wallet on the KuCoin Exchange

Once you have your secure cryptocurrency email address you will have to go over to the KuCoin Cryptocurrency Exchange. Create an account on the exchange using your new email account. https://www.kucoin.com/

Step Three – Find Your Bitcoin Wallet Address

After you have created your KuCoin account, navigate to https://www.kucoin.com/assets/coin/BTC, and click “Deposit”. You will see your “BTC Bitcoin Wallet address” it looks something like “3Q1p3sW1BPbTvz1BFqhrMg5ipmVC31Kbtx”. Copy that and save it. You’ll need it.

Step Four – Create a Micropayments Wallet

We’re going to be collecting Bitcoin from faucets momentarily. Faucets are the magic money dispensers of the internet. Like most magic money dispensers, there’s a catch, you’re not going to get rich just by rubbing the genie’s magic lamp. Bitcoin faucets pay only tiny fractions of a Bitcoin per payout. In order to transfer these small amounts without losing a significant percentage of the funds to transaction fees, we’re going to create a Micropayments Wallet.

For this demo, I’ve chosen to use Cryptoo.me service to create our micropayments wallet. Funds will accumulate in our micropayments wallet until we have enough to justify the blockchain transaction fees required to move the coin to the exchange.

Take the Bitcoin Wallet address you copied in step three and use it to create a micropayments wallet at https://cryptoo.me. Don’t forget to use your secure email address when creating the account.

Step Five – Collect at Least 100000 Satoshi from Bitcoin Faucets

Now we’re ready to start collecting Bitcoin by visiting faucets. This morning I tested a couple of hundred alleged “Bitcoin Faucets”. A vast majority of them didn’t work. A few of them tried to hack me or spam me in some way. I was able to narrow it down to twenty-five faucets that appear “mostly harmless”. These Bitcoin Faucets worked with Cryptoo.me AND paid out on the morning of June 17, 2020.

Functioning Faucets as of June 17, 2020

  1. https://zadeshare.com/crypto/bitcoin/
  2. https://bitscoin.space/bubbleshooter/
  3. http://vrdbest.co.za/
  4. http://minibitcoins.in/claim/
  5. http://todaybitco.in/faucet/
  6. https://www.mrcrypto.me/speed-racer/
  7. https://bitscoin.space/bitcoin-faucet/
  8. https://criptoservis.site/kran1.html
  9. https://10btc.ru/faucet-2/
  10. https://10btc.ru/bitcoin-fauset2/
  11. https://tsspot.com/bitcoin-faucet-125248/
  12. https://cryptostashs.com/bitcoin-faucet/
  13. https://bitcoinx.ru/
  14. https://binary-btc.space/
  15. https://godsunchained.tk/bitcoin-faucet/
  16. https://bitcoinzadarmo.sk/en/btc-satoshi-faucet/
  17. http://icecolddice.com/
  18. https://satoshimodels.com/faucet/
  19. http://todaybitco.in/faucet/
  20. http://bitcoindevelopment.es/faucet/
  21. https://askpaccosi.com/faucet/
  22. http://mudawarin.xyz/bitcoin-faucet-cryptoo/
  23. https://cryptogate.world/
  24. https://pornfountain.com
  25. https://pornfaucet.com

Step Six – Transfer Funds from Micropayment Wallet to Exchange Wallet

Finally, withdraw your collected funds to your KuCoin Wallet by going to https://cryptoo.me/withdraw/

What’s Next

Next, you’ll start trading your crypto on the exchange, using it for economic transactions, or mining it yourself. As I get time I will explain how to do these things here on Source Passive. Until then, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tutorial on getting started with Bitcoin for free. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!

Full disclosure – Whenever possible, I collect referral rewards on links traffic. My policy of accepting funds from advertisers does not imply my endorsement of their service unless specifically noted.

A Bunch of Hot Air?

I started college in 1995. When I stepped into the computer lab for the first time I discovered a nubile internet and I was ready to absorb as much of it as possible. It’s worth questioning whether it was endless sleepless nights waiting for the 14400 modem to download blocky, blinking websites to my 386 DX 40 running Slackware or my incredible cannabis consumption that had a greater effect on my poor attendance. The world may never know…

After my brief bout of college, I immediately teamed up with a local serial entrepreneur and did what everyone did at that time, I started a dot.com. Rootnet.net started life as a network solutions provider for business. The stated goal was to connect legacy equipment to modern networks. It sounded like a good idea at the time. What we actually wound up doing was revolutionizing the world of domain squatting. 

The internet was the wild west. Anything was possible; buying leerjet.net for $100 and turning a profit on it for example. 

Inlandwaterhouseboats.com maybe wasn’t as good of a deal…

Regardless, it was boom and bust. I made a million dollars. Everything was in my partner’s name and I had been working on a handshake. When I started to get flakey, he folded the company and took the profit. I’m incredibly grateful to him. It wasn’t until then that I truly understood business.

Over the years I’ve had a few other tech businesses. There was that one time I got slashdotted… But that’s another story. I think I had a point around here somewhere. Oh yeah, I have always been enamored with tech. I have big ideas, forget to start small and bite off more than I can chew. Lately, I’ve been obsessing over the potential of blockchain, P2P networking, and IoT technology, I went so far as to map out a peer to peer network concept that pays participants in a cryptocurrency.

I guess I don’t get out much.

Turn’s out it exists already. The project has already raised $51 Million in funding. It’s called Helium and it’s “LongFi” wireless network debuted in Austin, Texas this June. Helium has already partnered up with the Lime company to control the nonsense associated with the endless armies of rideshare bikes. The evil giant Nestle has plans to use it to track water consumption from its ReadyRefresh coolers as well.

The $498 price tag is a bit of a turn-off but, if as advertised, 200 or less of their devices could blanket a city in wifi, the cost could be well worth it. Once again, as with Pi, the actual value of the cryptocurrency is somewhat dubious. The idea itself though is cool as hell. I wish I had thought of it first.

I’m not quite ready to shell out $500 to own one but if you’re considering it, follow this link: http://fbuy.me/nATFy  because I’d love to give it a try when it rolls out in Seattle and if enough people buy one through that referral link, I’ll get my chance.

I Hate to Work or Theory of the Greater Pi

I am beginning to realize that I hate having to work. I don’t so much hate the work itself as I hate being required to do it. I have given it a lot of thought and I believe that my options fall into two broad categories:

  1. “Suck it up Buttercup!”  – Work, save, strive, and slave; so I can retire old and tired and comfortable.              OR…
  2. Find another way.

The first one sounds very noble. I come from a Midwest, working-class family. They could appreciate that. The only thing is, I’ve always been sort of the black sheep of The Family. 

Have I mentioned how I feel about work? 

Therefore, I am left with number two. If you happen to know me IRL, you may have noticed I have a little bit of an OCD thing going on sometimes. It really comes into play when I go down the rabbit hole with a new idea. One thing leads to another until…

Here we are.

I once read an account of a man who traded a paperclip for a house. This blog will chronicle my journey to do something similar. I’m starting with a moderately normal job and a moderately normal life. I want to quit my job and run away to join the circus. Or something like that…

My very first shenanigans to be featured here will be a seriously dubious cryptocurrency called Pi. It has a pyramid scheme feel but, I can’t quite find the angle. You put an app on your phone, click on it once a day, and you start collecting the crypto. There is limited data on what’s really going on and everything has that cut and pasted tagline sort of feel.

The marketing message to data ratio seems high and you’re encouraged to invite people to the app to increase your daily earnings. This I believe is actually a good thing. This is probably a sh*tcoin but if there’s a lot of interest suddenly, there’s maybe an opportunity to make some money off of it somehow. C’mon, it’s apparently “being developed by a group of Stanford PhDs.” What more could you ask for?

To join Pi, follow this link https://minepi.com/budweather and use my username (budweather) as your invitation code.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

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